Daily press and magazines



The distribution of daily press and magazines is a complex and structured process aimed at ensuring the availability of publications to readers in an efficient and timely manner. It encompasses a series of activities, from receiving the products to their final delivery, including inventory management and logistics.


Reception and storage

The process begins with the receipt of daily press and magazines from publishers. These products are then sorted and stored in warehouses specially designed to preserve their quality. Strict inventory management is essential to ensure that publications are ready to be distributed as soon as they are released.


Logistics and transport

Logistics play a crucial role in the distribution of daily press and magazines. Publications must be transported from warehouses to various distribution points, such as newsstands, bookstores, supermarkets, and individual subscribers. This requires a fleet of suitable vehicles, meticulous route planning, and a real-time tracking system to ensure timely and accurate deliveries.


Distribution to subscribers and points of sale

Daily press and magazines are then distributed to points of sale where they will be available to consumers. For subscribers, home or office delivery is arranged, ensuring that readers receive their publications directly. Timeliness is essential to maintain customer satisfaction and ensure a good relationship with publishers.