Our partners


Brussels, Finance

Finance&invest.brussels offers financial solutions tailored to various types of companies established in the Brussels-Capital Region. With a focus on supporting innovative and value-creating businesses, it is an essential player in economic development and the encouragement of entrepreneurship in Brussels.



Credendo is an international credit insurance group, specializing in covering risks associated with international trade transactions and foreign investments. Their approach focuses on customer proximity, respect, and reliability, positioning them as a trustworthy partner.



VASEK (Vaasa Region Development Company) is a regional development company based in the Vaasa region. The company plays a key role in the economic development of the Vaasa region, providing essential services to stimulate innovation and entrepreneurship.



Finnvera is a Finnish company specializing in business financing, offering solutions such as loans, guarantees, and export credit guarantees. Finnvera positions itself as a key player in Finland's economic development and international trade.


Green Deal 

The Urban Logistics Green Deal of the Brussels-Capital Region is a public-private alliance aiming to reduce the environmental impact of urban freight transport. It brings together public and private actors around measures such as promoting multimodality, using cargo bikes, and electrifying vehicles. Each signatory commits to implementing concrete actions by 2025. This project offers logistics companies in Brussels the opportunity to reduce their environmental footprint by joining the Green Deal.


Belgian Cycle Logistics Federation

The BCLF is a Belgian federation that promotes bicycle logistics as a sustainable solution for urban transport of goods and services. As a network of operators and partners sharing a common vision, the BCLF works to accelerate the development of this practice by advocating for favorable conditions. Their goal is to effectively integrate bicycle logistics into urban supply chains, thus contributing to more sustainable and efficient logistics.