The history of PPP


About PPP

Since our creation, PPP has continuously evolved, developed, and innovated to meet the changing needs of our clients and the market. Founded with a clear vision to provide fast and reliable press distribution, our company has managed to diversify its services and expand its geographical footprint over the years.

From our origins in Brussels, where we ensured the daily distribution of the press in the 19 municipalities, to our expansion throughout Belgium, every step of our journey reflects our commitment to excellence and innovation. Our strategic acquisitions, such as Neopress in France and the distribution networks of HSS and Sanoma in Finland, illustrate our determination to strengthen our leadership position in the distribution sector in Europe.

At the same time, we have always placed great importance on sustainability, as evidenced by our acquisition of Urbeez, a company specializing in carbon-neutral urban distribution. Our initiatives in Finland, where we have expanded our distribution network in several regions, demonstrate our ability to adapt our services to local specifics while maintaining high standards of quality.

Discover below the key moments that have shaped the history of PPP and continue to inspire our vision for the future. Each date on this timeline represents another step towards our ultimate goal: to be the partner of choice for efficient, sustainable, and innovative press distribution 


The PPP Group was founded by BD (Belgian Diffusion) to ensure the daily distribution of the press in the 19 municipalities of Brussels


PPP underwent a Management Buy Out and left the BD Group


PPP's activities diversified significantly thanks to Displays covering the entire Belgian territory. Two new cities have also been opened for the daily distribution of newspapers and magazines (Ghent and Liège)


PPP acquired the distribution network belonging to HSS Media in Finland


PPP expands its territory across Europe by acquiring the International Press Distribution network from Peer Frederiksen


PPP takes over the French company Neopress in Lyon

In Finland, we started distribution in the South-West territories (Hanko-Raseborg)


The PPP Group took over Urbeez, a company specialized in carbon-neutral urban distribution

In Finland, we started distribution in the South-East territories (Porvoo)


PPP acquires Sanoma's distribution network in the Uusimaa region (Finland)

PPP wins the public tender (Belgium) for newspaper distribution which was ultimately cancelled by the government

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