The management


Michel d'Alessandro, 


Our CEO is a passionate entrepreneur with a dynamic approach to business transformation. 

Taking over the leadership of PPP after a buyout from BD, he led its revitalization and modernization, successfully driving our expansion into Nordic markets.

He also focused on challenging the status quo in the Belgian market, where a concession prevented fair competition until last year. Through the integration of Urbeez into the Group, Michel also propelled the company into the digital world and towards a sustainable, carbon-free model.

Michel is also an active reservist in the Belgian Armed Forces and a proud father of three daughters.


Luk Hermans, 

Managing Director Belgium

Luk loves taking on challenges, and with the ongoing transformation of the Belgian press distribution market, he's well served!

With several years of expertise as a Business Unit Manager in a labor-intensive service company, Luk is the ideal person to tackle the challenges of our growth in Belgium.


Hannu Ahvonen, 

Managing Director Finland

Meet Hannu, our Managing Director Finland, where every challenge is a potential opportunity. 

Between the weather, a vast territory, and a small population, he certainly has his hands full!

Hannu combines expertise in media and logistics, making him an essential leader in the distribution field in the Nordic countries.

Under his insightful leadership, PPP Finland has thrived, thanks to strategic acquisitions and wise territorial expansion.

With Hannu at the helm, Finland becomes not only a market but also a true playground for success and innovation.


Katia Losi, 

Executive Assistant

Katia, our Executive Assistant, is an expert in problem-solving, making her role deeply rewarding.

Her proactive and positive approach inspires the entire team, creating a culture of collaboration and productivity. With impeccable organization and effective time management, she ensures that the management team operates smoothly and efficiently.


Angelino Capretti, 

Managing Director Urbeez & New mobility

Angelino embodies the exciting role of Managing Director at Urbeez, immersed in the thrilling challenges of urban mobility.

Urbeez's mission is clear: to transform urban transport into ecological and accessible solutions. The key to this transformation lies in our 100% electric fleet.

In Europe, Urbeez stands out as a pioneer in the field, notably thanks to our strategically placed logistics hubs in city centers, serving as efficient relay points for our delivery services.

His goal is to expand our electric logistics services to more European cities while continuing to innovate to meet the changing demands of urban mobility. By investing in cutting-edge technologies and pushing the boundaries of innovation, Urbeez positions itself as a key player in transforming the urban landscape towards sustainable solutions.


Patrik Pada, 

Chief Technology Officer

Patrik Pada, our Chief Technology Officer, brings over 20 years of experience in technological development. Under his leadership, we have digitized our electronic delivery guide, used by all our distributors. This sophisticated, multilingual, and multi-country mobile application meets current and future last-mile delivery needs.

Passionate about innovation, Patrik knows that technology is essential to meet the growing expectations of our clients for agility and flexibility. He envisions a future where artificial intelligence plays a key role in our industry.

Among his achievements, the integration of geocoding for automatic address processing and real-time delivery verification has transformed our way of working.


Ilari Ikäheimo, 

Group Finance Manager

Ilari, the Finance Manager of the PPP group, is truly a rare gem: a Finn living in Belgium who speaks English, French, Swedish, and Finnish.

He brings banking expertise to the financial management of the company, with focus on sustainable and profitable growth while ensuring prudent risk management.

Graduated in finance from the Hanken School of Economics in Helsinki, Ilari applies his skills by merging the best practices of Belgian and Finnish teams.

Arriving in Brussels in 2023, Ilari seized the opportunity to unite his financial expertise with his cultural ties to Finland and Sweden at PPP.