Why choose bike delivery in Brussels?

You can't escape it: cyclists are increasingly fond of Brussels, and Brussels is increasingly fond of cyclists. The evidence? The shortage of bicycles continues into 2021. The pandemic has reportedly boosted sales, and manufacturers are struggling to keep up. If urban dwellers are showing interest in two-wheeled transportation, it seems that bike delivery is also gaining popularity. Why such enthusiasm? What are the advantages? Urbeez explains. 

An express delivery closer to your customers.

Did you know that bike couriers are nearly 2 times faster than their counterparts in cars in city centers? The increase in city congestion largely explains the efficiency of cargo bikes, which navigate through traffic traps. 

Bike delivery proves to be much faster than its motorized counterparts, even in case of congestion. Bike couriers can bypass the challenges of car traffic and are much less affected. What's more, bikes are allowed in areas off-limits to cars, such as pedestrian streets or restricted access areas. As a result, couriers can deliver as close as possible to the final recipient. An ideal alternative to promote short-distance delivery! 

An ecological and responsible delivery 

Buying online without impacting the environment... Behind consumers, there are increasingly environmentally conscious customers. This awareness is being heard by e-retailers who are responding by revising their packaging and choosing greener production methods, zero waste, recyclable... there is no shortage of labels! These new consumers typically demand delivery solutions with lower carbon dioxide and nitrogen emissions, as well as responsible last-mile logistics. Opting for eco-friendly vehicles (bicycles, trikes, electric vehicles...) demonstrates commitment to the environment and reflects positively on the brand image. Imagine a bicycle courier arriving at the customer's doorstep – it's much more innovative/responsible than a motorized truck. 

Delivering by bike is the trend of the moment.

The year 2020 and the pandemic have made consumers much more demanding of brands. More personalization, more transparency, more local... Choosing delivery by cargo bike not only favors the local supply chain but also enables transparency of service. Moreover, new applications allow customers to track their package in real-time through a geolocation system. From the moment the package is picked up by the courier, the customer has access to a real-time tracker. They are then notified by text message or email of the exact delivery time. 

Faced with the challenges of urban logistics, Urbeez offers a new distribution model that is more efficient, cleaner, and quieter, focusing on electric mobility and the complementarity of more economical modes of transport in the heart of the city. Ask your free quote.

Bicycle cargo delivery, not just for letters

51% of goods moved in the city could be delivered by bicycle. Imagine the city free from delivery trucks! Indeed, bicycle delivery does not exclude large volumes of parcels. Nowadays, with the growing popularity of this mode of transportation, bicycles are becoming more sophisticated. They have adapted equipment to deliver large volumes and, above all, comfort for couriers. With the help of trailers, they can transport various types of parcels: letters, envelopes, meals, and even furniture.. 

Thanks to its payload of 250 kilograms and vehicles capable of transporting parcels up to 2.20 meters, Urbeez couriers deliver all types of parcels regularly or occasionally.

The cycling revolution is already underway in Brussels

40 kilometers of dedicated bike lanes on the main thoroughfares of the capital – that's what the regional authorities, along with the teams from Brussels Mobility, promised in April 2020. A cycling network has been planned that incorporates all the major arteries of the capital. A dedicated lane will be set up for each axis to ensure safet. 

A relief for cyclists and a victory for the competent regional minister, Elke Van den Brandt (Groen), aiming to improve mobility. 

New developments that benefit both individuals and logistics companies. This type of transportation is becoming an increasingly popular alternative, whether it's for maneuvering through traffic jams more easily or for adopting a greener approach to travel. 

Bicycle delivery is the future of Europe

On October 30, 2020, during the online event organized by the European Cyclists' Federation (ECF) and Cycling Industries Europe (CIE), European leaders were clear: they called for a bicycle revolution. They encourage all countries, cities, and regions to implement a series of recommendations in favor of the cycling revolution. 

By definition, the bicycle is the best means to solve the problem of pollution in cities. Investments in safe and separated cycling infrastructure networks, as part of national recovery and resilience plans, would be obvious and would not be regretted," said Frans Timmermans, Executive Vice-President of the European Commission 

Urbeez is exploring all solutions that make urban logistics more ecological.
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Cyclo-logistics: everything you need to know