Ecological delivery: the electric bike scores on all fronts!

In recent years, urban pollution has surged, largely due to the delivery of e-commerce parcels. Indeed, many orders are delivered by truck or van, prompting some companies to seek ways to limit these additional CO2 emissions with the help of electric cargo bikes. Does this three-wheeled bicycle represent the most effective means of making deliveries in city centers in the future? 

Ecological delivery: focus on the cargo bike

First of all, what exactly is an electric cargo bike? A cargo bike is a type of electrically assisted bicycle that has three wheels. The cargo bike, which can also be called cyclo-bike or bike carrier, is a three-wheeler equipped with a "trunk" at the back or front that provides a large load capacity. The cargo bike is useful for all businesses, from large well-known brands to small neighborhood stores, that want to set up an ecological delivery service for the delivery of their orders in the city. 

Equip yourself with a cargo bike for ecological delivery

In recent years, and especially in 2020, e-commerce and its increasing activity has brought an ever-increasing number of delivery vehicles to city centers. Double parking, traffic congestion, noise pollution and CO2 emissions are the result of this increase. City centers are feeling the effects of these new consumption habits in a particularly negative way, and it is therefore essential that companies begin to turn to more innovative delivery methods such as the electric cargo bike.

For example, by having your deliveries made by Urbeez, you are combating road pollution in urban areas and enjoying a delivery service that is:
 - Fast, 
 - Ecologically sound, 
- Economical, 
 - High quality, 
 - And equally efficient.

  • rapide,
  • écoresponsable,
  • économique,
  • de qualité,
  • et tout aussi efficace.

The use of electric cargo bikes, as proposed by Urbeez, is therefore the new generation of delivery method that runs on clean energy instead of thermal energy.

The advantages of the delivery cargo bike

Using an electric cargo bike for deliveries in the city promises all the positives of an electric bike and has the extra storage space of a small van. The bike combines several advantages:

  • Une longueur de 2m50 seulement pour se garer très facilement sur les trottoirs.
  • Un véhicule stable et maniable qui se déplace facilement sans gêner les piétons.
  • Un coffre spacieux contenant 1m3 de volume pour un rangement impressionnant.
  • Une charge totale pouvant aller jusqu’à 250 kg de marchandises.
  • Une vitesse allant jusqu’à 20km/h pour une livraison rapide.
  • Un aménagement isotherme pour la livraison de produits frais dans toute la ville.

The eco-responsible cargo bike is the future

 In 2020, a new version of the Good Move plan was approved by the Brussels Capital Region. This policy, which focuses on urban mobility, also seeks responsible solutions for freight transport in cities, particularly in the capital. Moreover, in 2019, the government already encouraged companies to integrate delivery by electric cargo bike into their logistics: "Cargo bikes, for example, which can carry up to 250 kg, are great delivery tools. They are non-polluting, take up very little space, never cause problems with double parking and are therefore the best allies for traffic flow," stated the then Minister of Mobility. 

 In addition, the European project Cycle Logistics² has shown that almost 25% of deliveries in cities can technically be made by electric scooter. Cargo bike models are constantly being improved to take into account increasingly specific equipment such as cooling, trunk dimensions and courier safety. This makes the transition to ecological delivery all the easier.

Urbeez, the solution for ecological deliveries in Brussels

Urbeez is a Brussels startup that has decided to tackle the mobility problem in the capital. Every day, nearly 16.000 trucks and 26.000 vans are on the road in the Brussels Region. Freight transport alone causes about 30% of the city¹s CO2 emissions. 

 To combat this polluting phenomenon, the City of Brussels wants to encourage so-called "green" deliveries with clean engines. It was then that Angelino Capretti, the founder, realized that there was no logistics service that ran exclusively on electricity.  


Why choose ecological delivery with Urbeez ?

At Urbeez, we make it a point of honor to offer a unique and customized logistics service to meet each customer's expectations. There are many reasons to choose us to deliver your packages: 

- Eco-friendly delivery: Urbeez' electric cargo bikes have a significant impact on urban pollution. By choosing ecological delivery, you can get rid of a company vehicle that consumes an average of 150 grams of CO2 per km, while an electric scooter consumes almost no CO2. 
- An expert in ecological logistics: the company works with the best logistics transport services in Brussels. So you can entrust your goods to transport professionals and benefit from their 60 years of know-how. 
- A fully digitalized service: Urbeez lives with the times and wants to make things as easy as possible for you. Delivery tracking, order system and signature are all done electronically for fast, easy and real-time monitoring of operations. 
- A fast and efficient service: Urbeez couriers move in and out of cars and can travel on bike paths, in pedestrian areas, and in areas where cars are not allowed to go to narrow their route and avoid traffic jams. 

 Urbeez is therefore the first innovative company in the logistics and transport sector to offer a 100% responsible distribution alternative. Thanks to its numerous electric vehicles, the delivery of goods has never been faster or more ecological. 

 Request your free quote today to become an actor for the environment.

  • Une livraison responsable de l’environnement : nos triporteurs électriques ont un impact considérable sur la pollution en ville. Choisir la livraison écologique permet de supprimer un véhicule utilitaire qui consomme en moyenne 150g de CO2 au km là où un triporteur électrique n’en consomme presque pas.
  • Un expert en logistique écologique : Nous travaillons en partenariat avec les meilleurs services de transport logistique de Bruxelles. Vous confiez ainsi vos marchandises à des professionnels du transport pour profiter de leur savoir-faire vieux de 60 ans.
  • Un service entièrement digitalisé : Nous vivons avec notre temps et souhaitons vous faciliter la tâche au maximum. Tracking de livraison, système de commandes ou encore signature se font électroniquement pour un suivi des opérations rapide, facile et en temps réel.
  • Un service rapide et efficace : Les coursiers Urbeez se faufilent entre les voitures et peuvent se déplacer sur les pistes cyclables, dans les piétonniers et les zones interdites aux voitures pour rétrécir leur itinéraire et éviter les embouteillages.

Cette start-up est donc la première entreprise innovante dans le secteur de la logistique et du transport à proposer une alternative de distribution 100% responsable. Grâce à ses nombreux véhicules électriques, la livraison de marchandises avec Urbeez n’aura jamais été aussi rapide et écologique. 

Demandez votre devis gratuit dès aujourd’hui pour devenir un acteur pour l’environnement.

The cargo bike is conquering urban transportation