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PPP - About the company

PPP (distribution of Press, Periodicals and Publicity) is an independent company since May 2015 and has firmly established itself as a leading European player in the field of daily newspaper distribution to subscribers.

PPP - The history

  • 1992 - The company PPP is founded by BD (Belgique Diffusion) in order to assume the distribution of daily newspapers on the 19 municipalities of Brussels
  • 2015 - PPP undergoes a Management Buy Out and leaves the BD Group
  • 2016 - The activities of PPP are diversified towards Displays distribution for the whole Belgian territory. Two new cities are also covered for our daily newspapers and magazines distribution (Ghent and Li├Ęge).
  • 2017 - PPP takes over the distribution network of HSS Media in Finland
  • 2018 - PPP expands throughout all Europe by acquiring the Hand Delivery network of Peer Frederiksen
  • 2019 - PPP takes over the French company Neopress in Lyon. In Finland, we have started the distribution in the South-West territories (Hanko, Raseborg)
  • 2023 - PPP takes over Urbeez, a company specialized in green urban delivery. In Finland, we have started the distribution in the South-East territories (Porvoo)






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